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About Garniture

About Garniture

To many individuals, a garniture or perhaps garnish will mean a sprig of parsley added to the plate in the last minute, nearly as an afterthought, to offer a little color to the dish. In most specialized kitchens, however, a garniture is a crucial and essential part of the dish. It is the greens or other ingredients put into a stew, braised dish, roast or sautéed piece of various meats or seafood that provide the dish its distinct character and name. Once the garniture is modified - even if the simple method of cooking the meat, and the meat itself, continues to be same - the character and name of the dish change.

Learning how to work with various garnitures enables the innovative cook to create endless versions on a basic dish. Prepared veggies such as turnips, fennel, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms, among others can all be used, alone or in combination so as to provide a fresh color and taste to a conventional dish. Additionally, your choice of when to add the vegetable produces a specific result and defines just how the garniture is linked with the meat, poultry or seafood. For instance, if you add veggies at the initial phase, they'll soak up the flavor of the broth and meat and reveal the flavor of the meat and sauce. Whilst if you add the garnish towards the end, it will produce its own fresh and flavorful comparison to the main ingredients.

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