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Refrigeration Equipments

Refrigeration Equipments

Maintaining adequate refrigeration storage is crucial to any food service operation; therefore, the menu and the available refrigeration storage must be evaluated and coordinated. All units should be maintained properly, which means regular and thorough cleaning, including the insulating strips. Such precautions will help reduce spoilage and thus reduce food costs. Placing the units so that unnecessary steps are eliminated will save time and labor. Both of these factors will save money for the operation.



This is the largest style of refrigeration unit and usually has shelves that are arranged around the walls. It is possible to zone a walk-in to maintain appropriate temperature and humidity levels for storing various foods. Some walk-ins are large enough to accommodate rolling carts for additional storage. The carts can then be rolled to the appropriate area of the kitchen when needed. Some units have pass-through or reach-in doors to facilitate access to frequently required items.


Walk-ins may be situated in the kitchen or outside the facility. If space allows, walk-ins located outside the kitchen can prove advantageous, because deliveries may be made at any time without disrupting service.



A reach-in may be a single unit or part of a bank of units, available in many sizes. Units with pass-through doors are especially helpful for the pantry area, where salads, desserts, ad other cold items can be retrieved by the waitstaff as needed.


On-Site Refrigeration

These are refrigerated drawers or under-counter reach-ins, which allow foods on the line to be held at the proper temperature during service. This eliminates unnecessary walking, which can create a hazard during peak periods.


Portable Refrigeration

This is basically a refrigerated cart that can be placed as needed in the kitchen.


Display Refrigeration

These are display cases that are generally used in the dining room for desserts, salads, or salad bars.

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