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Nonstick Pans

Using a nonstick pan

Nonstick coatings are made of polytetrafluoroethylene, a lot of syllables for what is essentially a miraculous plastic, also said to be the most slippery substance in the world.

To avoid scratching a pan's nonstick surface during use, always use plastic or wood utensils, never use metal. When storing, you could avoid scratching a nonstick pans by placing a cloth or a piece of paper towel between the nonstick cooking surface and any other pans or cookware that might be placed on top of the pan.

When cooking, the cooking oil tends to bead up in a nonstick pan. This could overcome by brushing or spraying the food you're cooking with oil instead of spraying the pan. Coating the food also helps prevent an oily buildup on the pan, which can eventually turn a nonstick pan into one that sticks. Burned oil can also destroy the nonstick coating too.

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