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Kettles and Steamers

Kettles and Steamers

Kettles and steamers enable a chef to prepare large amounts of food efficiently, since the heat is applied over a much larger area than is possible when a single burner is used. Cooking times for dishes prepared in steamers and large kettles are often shorter than for those prepared on a range top.


Steam-Jacketed Kettle

This free-standing or tabletop kettle circulates steam through the walls, providing even heat. Units vary, they may tilt, may be insulated, and may have spigots or lids. Available in a range of sizes, these kettles are excellent for producing stocks, soups and sauces. They are generally made of stainless steel and sometimes have a specially treated nonstick surface. Gas or electric models are available.


Tilting Kettle

This large, relatively shallow free-standing unit is used for braising and stewing. Most tilting kettles have lids, allowing for steaming as well. They are usually made of stainless steel and are available in gas or electric models.


Pressure Steamer

Water is heated under pressure in a sealed compartment, allowing it to reach higher than boiling temperature (212oF / 100oC at sea level). The cooking time is controlled by automatic timers, which open the exhaust valves at the end. The door cannot be opened until the pressure has been released.


Convection Steamer

The steam is generated in a boiler and then piped to the cooking chamber, where it is vented over the food. Pressure does not build up in the unit, it is continuously exhausted, which means the door may be opened at any time without danger of scalding or burning.

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