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Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Other than knives, there are also hand tools that could be found in a professional kitchen. These tools are used for various specific functions. Tools designed to scale fish, open clams and oysters, or even cut eggs can be found in some knife kits.


Rotary or Swivel-Bladed Peeler

This is used to peel the skin from various vegetables and fruits. The swivel action accommodates the contours of various products. Because the blade is sharpened on both sides, it will peel in both an upward and downward motion. Using it correctly will greatly increase the speed with which you can "prep" the vegetables.


Parisienne Scoop (Melon Baller)

This is specifically designed for scooping out balls or ovals (depending upon the shape of the scoop) of vegetables and fruits.


Kitchen Fork

The fork is used to test the doneness of braised meats and vegetables, for lifting finished items to the carving board or plate, and to steady the item being carved. A kitchen fork should not be used to turn foods being sautéed, grilled, or broiled because the tines will pierce the food and let the juices emerge.


Palette Knife (Metal Spatula)

This is a flexible round-tipped tool used in the kitchen and bakeshop for turning pancakes or grilled foods, spreading fillings and glazes, and a variety of other functions. A palette knife with a serrated edge is useful for preparing and slicing sandwiches.



Whips are used to beat, blend and whip foods. Ballon whips are sphere shaped and have thin wires to incorporate air for making foams. Sauce whips are narrower and frequently have thicken wires. The complete kitchen kit should have a number of whips in various sizes.


Offset Spatula

This spatula is used to turn or lift foods on grills, broilers and griddles. It has a wide, chisel-edged blade set in a short handle.


Pastry Bag

This plastic, canvas or nylon bag is used to pipe out pureed foods, whipped cream and various toppings. Pastry bags have uses in both the kitchen and the bakeshop.


Other kitchen hand tools include (but are not limited to) items such as rubber scrapers, ladles of various sizes, skimmers for skimming the surface of stocks, soups, etc.

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